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About Peoples Club of Nigeria International

Peoples club was formed in 1971 in Aba (Abia state of Nigeria) by a small group of individuals led by Chief Titus I. Ume-Ezeoke of blessed memory. It was a period of hopelessness following the devastation of the Nigeria civil war which ended in 1970. It was formed with the spirit of uniting people of like-minds, for social interaction. It was timely and it was well received because of it's founding principle of "be your brother's Keeper" embodied in it's motto: unity,love & Service Continue Reading >>>>>
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AGM 2010
Asaba Convention 19... (2011/1/31)
Asaba Convention 19...
Asaba Convention 19... (2011/1/23)
Asaba Convention 19...
AGM 2010 (2011/1/23)
AGM 2010
AGM 2010 (2011/1/23)
AGM 2010
AGM 2010 (2011/1/23)
AGM 2010
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